Official time stamps daytime photo’s

Most of this information is already known to many, but still, there might be some value in analyzing the time stamps of the day time photo’s, as reported in the official investigation. We have verified the images and image numbers as the exact order they were found on the camera. This is the listing as found in the earliest reports, and we could not detect any mismatches between the Panamanian and the Dutch NFI investigation.

Photo 476 is the first one taken on the Pianista Trail, photo 508 is the last one of the daytime photo’s, the picture of Kris crossing the Quebrada.

There is no mention anywhere of a supposed second photo 508, which I come across once in a while. The list shown here is as the police found the photo’s on the memory card.

We offer a detailed analysis of this in our book. While many pictures seem to have been taken very, very fast, if you analyze the photo’s and place them in the right order, there is nothing impossible about the speed with which the photo’s were taken. They eveidently were of the “click and shoot” kind.

This behavior is consistent with the theory that thet just intended to walk up to admire the view and then go back down again, as a good way to fill a sunny free day and had no real interest in the flora and fauna. So, they did not feel the need for lots of photo’s and extensive stops along the way.

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