Details, details

Kris’ earrings

One final blog this week, to show how much data we processed while writing the book – and how much we had to leave out. I might do some more next week, but you can always buy the book. It will be out in English translation in a few weeks.

There are plenty of details to see on the photographs that helped us build our case in the book. I’m not going to repeat our scenario’s here, you’d best read the book for that. But there are things that we took into account that we couldn’t fit in the book – details so small they would only confuse the casual reader, but would be of considerable interest to someone familiar with the case.

I already mentioned the shoes, shadows and shoelaces in Image 0489. Similar things can be learned from Image 0486, a selfie with Kris and Lisanne early in their hike on the Pianista path. Smiling faces on this picture, too. They were having a good time.

The high quality of the images we have made it possible to zoom in considerably. As seen in the book, we could zoom in on the sunglasses, to see if we could perhaps see a third person in the reflection and if we could determine if the girls took the picture themselves.

As you can see, we can safely say: yes, they took the picture themselves. In this case, it was Kris who took the picture. On the detailed image you can see her outstretched hand and the camera she is holding. In the book, we included an image of the Powershot in her hand, to show how she is holding it.

We can see exactly the same arm in exactly the same pose reflected in Lisanne’s glasses. There is also no other person visible in this picture, not in front of them and not behind them. They were alone at that point.

She is holding the camera with her right hand and on her wrist we can see traces of an armband of some sort she is wearing on her wrist. On Image 501 we can see this is probably a hair elastic.

Another detail we can see on this pictures are the earrings Kris is wearing: two on the right (a silver one and a black one) and one on the left (a silver one). This means that the fact that on some pictures she seems to be wearing a black earring while on others it’s silver, does not mean, as some have suggested, that there was a perpetrator mixing photo’s from another day to somehow construct the Pianista hike.

Lisanne’s glasses
Kris’ glasses

  1. #1 door Jürgen Snoeren op april 29, 2021 - 6:33 am

    No, it’s more or less as you know it, just better quality. No blood!


  2. #2 door Paul op april 28, 2021 - 10:27 pm

    Hi, just a question. Do you have more about the night hair picture? Is the one we already know a cut from an entire picture?


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