The last photo

There has been a lot of debate about the last photos made by kris and Lisanne on April 1st. Some say Kris does not look happy and take this as a sign there was some kind of trouble, from an argument between both girls about when to turn around to the presence of a third party which affected the general atmosphere. It’s picture #508, the very last picture of Kris taken on April first, several hours before the first emergency call, which gets the most attention. People say she looks stressed, even afraid.

But on the low res images which are available on the web it’s very hard to see her facial expression and impossible to zoom in far enough to correctly identify her mood. Using the high res images, for instance, it’s clear Kris is not at all unhappy. She seems relaxed, with a slight smile on her face. You could go as far as to say she looks a bit tired and is therefore less exuberant than she was an earlier photos, but we see fear nor anxiety, on her face or in her stance.

She has turned slightly towards the camera, caught in the moment of crossing the stream. There seems to be no intention of turning back. If anything, she looks ready to walk on.

It’s always dangerous, of course, to try and read too much in a photo like this, but when we looked at this in magnification we saw a relaxed Kris, eager to walk on. This is how we interpret the picture, other opinions may vary of course. Fact is, however, we can see there is no sign of anger or fear and no signs at all of a fall of any kind. I think we can definately rule out these options.